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Dedicated to the people of Japan,in times of hardship.All the money raised from the sale of this Album,will go to the Shelterbox.org charity who are out in Japan at the moment.Thank you,you can make a difference.All the Artists are from Soundcloud.com You can buy individual tracks for £1 or the whole album for £5.99!If you like an individual artist you can find them all on Souncloud.com Please note this album is expanding,through the generosity of Artists donating their tracks!The album will be finalised on the release date (Monday 21st March 2011).This album has featured on Penwith Radio.On the Theresa Wigmore Show.Also has been featured in My Cornwall Magazine.


released March 21, 2011

Gnome Attic,Mariselamusik,Say,ThE AsSocIaTIoN*,Raa,Collecting Pool, ,Kaixta,VOOLFGA*,Balkonkind,Soundtrack-Audio,Allegro Noir & Don P(Kalliban X),Katie Morgan & Brian Clayton,Lileeth,Terrorball,Ryan Pettifer,Special Kay,Twobob,ASM,Kibeja*,Orion*,RuMar Music,Shards of Reason,Projectin Carnation,Soundgrenade,Gizella.



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Gnome Attic. New York

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Track Name: MariselaMusik. - Rising Japan Rising The World-Feat,Say.
Lyrics By MariselaMusik,Words By Say.Way to the women that´s time to become

A new born baby arrives
Looking what these world is about
Finding the live
Full of wonder
Full of love

Touching the souls
Of the humans around
Because of her open heart
Knowing to get all
That´s needed ever in life

So she gives light
Warmness to the hearts
Picking up the flowers
Given to them she loved
Never expected more than
To be loved in her own

Not knowing what happens
She touched the pain
Of some they hide
For themselves
Blaming to the world
Not taking the responsibility of the own

She told them to decide
Just in the way of her being
And they have to flee
Rather she was so true
In her innocent seeing of the life
They felt as a force
Needed to get destroy

They can´t take her life
But like in a fairy tale
They banned the inner child
Into a deep cave
Forsaken from all she trust
They closed the door
Commanded to silence

All the angels around her
Shows her the way to live on
Brings her flowers of outside
Thoughts of how it will be
If she decided to bear up
Caressing her all through the dust
Holds her warm all through the pain

When the time arrived
Where live will change
She was called to awake
By an inner call
Responding – feeling a search
Not to blind her they leads and so
She went out into the night

Feeling awake by a touch
Unknown presence felt so good
Recognizing in unexpected tangency
Still going on in the trust
Feeling the fear
Wants to run and hide
But bounded in a sweet patient tenderness

All the angels around
Be there when she needs
Comfort and feed her
Showing the light
To grow up
From the child in the cave
To the destination the women she becomes

By the way of love
She found her violations
Taking care of her own
Lansing the scares
Searching for what they are from
Looking the past into the eye
Protected by the angels around

So now it´s time
To spread the wings of the mind and fly
The time has come
To lift up the child again
To show the world
That the flame
Is bright

To step into the light
Give love like once before
No longer fear
No longer shame
Living again in this world
Seeing wonder and magic
With her eyes again

Touching the souls
Of the human around
Because of her open heart
Knowing to get all
That´s needed ever in life

So she´s living again as a light
Campfire to the hearts
Picking up the flowers
To give them she loves
Never expecting more than
To be loved in her own
Track Name: Rain and Sun, (Say). - If I Could Paint....."This Time I Would Paint A Peaceful World.
Longig for home

Would I be able to paint
It would be a painting full of clear colors
Warming read and shining yellow
Blue tender heaven
The wideness of the sea
The leaves so green

But how can word
Hearts are feeling
Souls talking about

With each other entrusts

To be on your side
Skin to skin
Hand in hand
Eyes still closed
Touched and feeling

Eyes full of warmness
Laughing tenderness
Hearing the voice
Answering the deep felt YES
Open the eyes
And find your look
Joy to the other
Again and again
Again and again
Joy to each other

To one another
Into one another
Embracing another
Being secure
In all what´s all over

In the dream
A world full of light
And trust
A world
Full of love and being

Call it gods love
Name it love of the life
Just to be

I want to go home